Lesta.ru /news/rss/ lesta.ru New insight into World of Warships The latest screenshots of naval action MMO World of Warships highlight current graphics, realistic and highly detailed models of combat vessels and in-game locations, as well as top-notch visual effects. http://lesta.ru/news/2013/05/15/new-insight-world-warships/ 15.05.2013 17 The studio has announced its appearance on Facebook and Twitter Now it is possible to check out the latest updates of Lesta Studio, the development office for Wargaming in St. Petersburg, on a rolling basis. http://lesta.ru/news/2013/04/23/studio-has-announced-its-appearance-facebook-and-twitter/ 23.04.2013 15 World of Warships: First Meeting with American Players World of Warships keeps on taking its first steps. At the beginning of March, another stage was successfully passed – game focus testing in America. http://lesta.ru/news/2013/03/14/world-warships-first-meeting-american-players/ 14.03.2013 13 First World of Warships Screenshots Revealed The first inside look into its naval MMO action game World of Warships. http://lesta.ru/news/2013/01/15/first-world-warships-screenshots-revealed/ 15.01.2013 4 Nightmare Realm is back on top Lesta Studio broke into 2013 with a new product in its portfolio – highly appreciated sequel Nightmare Realm: In the end… http://lesta.ru/news/2013/01/09/nightmare-realm-back-top/ 09.01.2013 8 Lesta Studio: the 21st anniversary Lesta Studio is justly considered as one of pioneers of game and multimedia industry in Russia. Nowadays the studio celebrates its 21st anniversary, the period of unceasing professional and personnel growth. The studio proved itself on different fields of multimedia activities, gradually transferring from video production to game development for ... http://lesta.ru/news/2012/12/22/lesta-studio-21-anniversary/ 22.12.2012 10