Nightmare Realm is back on top


Lesta Studio broke into 2013 with a new product in its portfolio. On 2012, Dec 30, as a Christmas gift for worldwide casual games' admirers, the studio released highly appreciated sequel of Nightmare Realm. It is quite easy to learn from the title that Nightmare Realm: In the end… leads players to the story’s payoff, revealing all secrets of the series’ characters.

1.5 year since the first title was launched, Lesta Studio’s casual team grew in its lineup as well as in its mutuality. Team’s progress is noticeable in all the aspects of Nightmare Realm: In the end…: from the set of technologies and tools, they implemented (e.g. massive involvement of videos), to the game’s setting, grabbing even adults into chilling atmosphere of classic thriller. However, keeping the best traditions of the series, Nightmare Realm. In the End… is still a kind of fairytale you do not want to quit despite its gloominess.

"In the mood for something twisted? Nightmare Realm: In the End... isn't afraid to deliver. The tale itself is unique and engaging, filled with supernatural beings and ages-old misdeeds. It's so good you'll be willing to overlook any minor faults in the gameplay just so you can enjoy chilling yourself to the bone. The title screen says it best when it completes the game's name: “in the end... darkness will gaze back into you.” Carry that little nugget with you as you click on the "download" button."

Since the release date, Nightmare Realm: In the End has been staying at top-100 Downloads, and as far as it seems, is not going to leave it.