Aggression. Reign over Europe pushes the limits of real time strategy, thanks to a graphic engine supporting hundreds of detailed units in action at the same time, a full 3D scenario where every building is constructed in detail based on hundreds of polygons, with stunning graphics and special effects. Players are suggested to choose the side and become the most powerful force on the continent, cleverly using diplomacy as well as powerful army. The chance to rewrite history has never been so challenging!

Main features :

  • Completely 3D graphics in tactical and strategic mode, detailed map of Europe.
  • Four playable nations: Russia, Great Britain, Germany, France.
  • Historical campaigns for each key nation, during which the player may fulfill several hundred quests and experience the entire age of Total Wars, participate in both World Wars. 
  • More than 150 types of combat units (infantry, cavalry, artillery, tanks and armored vehicles, aviation), modeled accurately from historical references and More than 200 real historical figures.

Released: 2008