Lesta Studio was founded in 1991 as a full service video production company. The studio made its way by operating in the advertising and post-production markets, successfully carrying out video effects for games, films and TV projects.

2000. Lesta Studio expanded its frame of work by launching the development of its first game project: RTS Entente. Released in 2003, the title proved to be a success and the studio continued its expansion into the game industry, ultimately choosing to focus on this field.

2005. Lesta Studio released Pacific Storm, dedicated to the naval and air battles of WWII. Mixing the strategic elements of RTS titles with the action of an arcade title, the game was awarded The Most Innovative Project at GDC Russia 2006 and IGN's Best of E3 2006 Strategy title.  The historical authenticity of Pacific Storm was highly appreciated by the game industry as well as by military enthusiasts. The title’s great success led to the launch of a sequel. Released in 2007, Pacific Storm: Allies is still considered to be a prime example of a classic military strategy game.

2007. The year of rapid growth of the studio’s development department. After a few military strategy titles had been successfully released, Lesta Studio began to expand into another market with its first casual game: Time Machine: Evolution. A few years later, the game’s sequel Time Machine: Rogue Pilot was released in Europe and the USA on PSN.

2008. Breakthrough release of 9th Company, the very first real-time strategy game based on actual events of the Soviet military campaign in Afghanistan. Deriving from the same name as the smash hit movie, the gameplay carried players into the rough reality of the 9th company, the elite division of the Soviet landing force.

2010. Switching from the retailer’s market to the MMO one was a pivotal moment for Lesta Studio. Elements of War, the debut MMO-title of the studio’s portfolio, won the Press Award at GDC Russia 2010. Its global technological disaster setting and highly realistic technical models proved to be a worldwide success.

2011. Successful launch of Nightmare Realm.  Released by the largest casual game publisher Big Fish Games, it was rated the second most popular adventure game of the year. In addition, the online editorial site, Gamezebo.com, put Nightmare Realm in the Top 10 of hidden object games for 2011. The sequel, Nightmare Realm: In the End, began its way to success from the top positions of the publisher's web site on Dec. 30, 2012.

Through the development of many strategy-based games and choosing the MMO market as a top priority, Lesta Studio signed a long-term exclusive strategic partnership agreement with Wargaming, one of the leaders in the free-to-play MMO market. The companies joined forces in order to create the naval game MMO World of Warships, destined to become the third part of the legendary war series by Wargaming.