Development of World of Warships

Currently, development of free-to-play naval MMO World of Warships, the third part of the MMO war series “World of” is the top-priority for Lesta Studio. A majority of the studio’s team have been involved in the process of continuing improvement of the project. The common efforts, talents and experience of these IT professionals help World of Warships become better every day.

Casual Games Department

Another field of activity is casual games development. The company’s recent project Nightmare Realm, released in 2011 by the largest casual game publisher Big Fish Games, was rated the second most popular adventure game of the year. Also, the online editorial site,, put Nightmare Realm in the Top 10 of hidden object games for 2011. The sequel, Nightmare Realm: In the End, began its way to success from the top positions of the publisher's web site on Dec. 30, 2012.  

Video Department

Video production is the third major workflow of Lesta Studio, which started in 1991. Being a pioneer of animation and advertising in Russia, the studio’s video team has gained a lot of valuable experience with their previous projects and is currently busy imroving visual components of Wargaming titles.